Bentley Priory Nature Trail

Welcome to the Bentley Priory Nature Reserve nature trail. The trail was designed by the Harrow Nature Conservation Forum. Hardware and installation were funded by Harrow Council's Green Grid project.

Bentley Priory Nature Reserve occupies much of the land originally created as parkland for Bentley Priory House, at the top of the hill. Deer Path follows the original driveway to the house, and the road name Old Lodge Way refers to the lodge guarding the entrance to the park. The Old Lodge still stands, at the corner of Old Lodge Way and the Uxbridge Road.

The total length of the trail is 2.9 km. The first part of the trail follows the metalled path, called Deer Path, but the second half can be extremely muddy, especially in autumn and winter. At these times waterproof boots are advisable.

If you are starting at the Old Lodge Way entrance, begin by following Deer Path up the hill through Old Lodge Meadow. In winter look out for groups of winter thrushes. Fieldfares are large thrushes with grey on the top of the head and the rump. Redwings are smaller with a prominent pale stripe above the eye.

Look out for the first numbered post, just before you enter the woodland.

If you are starting at Common Road, follow the metalled Weald Path until you reach post 9.

QR codes on the posts will take you to the relevant text. Alternatively, follow the links below to the appropriate page.

We hope you enjoy the trail. Please send any comments, photographs, and notes about interesting species seen to

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