Bentley Priory Nature Trail

Post 10: Flower-rich grassland is scarce in England. It is under threat from many sides: from development, from farming intensification or, as in Harrow’s nature reserves, from encroaching scrub and woodland. In 2012 the Bentley Priory Nature Reserve Management Committee was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to clear scrub that was invading the grassland, and this has paid for the clearance of the area to the right of this point. The seeds of the grassland plants lie dormant in the soil for many years. As soon as the scrub is cleared, they germinate and restore the lovely flower-rich meadowland.

Here the nature trail bears to the right and crosses the first of many wet spots then continues down The Greensward. If the ground just ahead is too boggy for your footwear, you should instead bear left at this point. The path will lead you back to Deer Path.

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