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Volunteer Policy

The Harrow Heritage Trust consists entirely of volunteers. We actively recruit volunteers by various means including:

●    Listing at the Harrow Volunteer Centre
●    Mention of volunteering in the leaflets about our sites
●    Our websites

The Trust recognises the immense benefits that volunteers contribute and will give them every opportunity to exercise their skills. Volunteers are encouraged and enabled to gain new skills such as the use of horticultural machinery. These skills are applied on our sites but are also useful to the volunteers in their future careers.

All volunteers are given the opportunity to be involved fully in the operations of the Trust and are encouraged to offer feedback, to discuss future developments and to give their views.

Volunteers at Nature Reserves are protected from undue risk by comprehensive risk assessment, which are freely available on the Harrow Nature Conservation Forum web site, and by safety talks describing the sections of risk assessments relevant to the day's activities. They are insured while on Trust business for personal and third party injury or loss. Volunteers should report all accidents at Trust events to the person in charge of the activity, usually a volunteer warden or deputy warden.

Volunteers' positions are unpaid, but travel expenses and other relevant costs will be reimbursed against receipts.

The Trust undertakes that personal details will be kept confidential.

This policy was approved at a meeting of the Forum on 11th May 2016.

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