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Welcome to the Old Redding Nature Trail

Old Redding Nature Reserve contains a remarkable variety of habitats for what is a relatively small site, less than half the size of Bentley Priory Nature Reserve to its east. The nature trail will take you through mature woodland, past old Victorian gardens full of exotic trees, round old lakes and newly created ponds, and into a Victorian orchard that is home to rare fruit varieties and rare insects.

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There are two sections to the nature trail: The first section, indicated by the orange arrows on posts, is short and has gentle gradients so is ideal for those with limited mobility. For a longer walk that shows you the northeastern part of the site continue on the route indicated by the purple arrows. The paths here have steeper slopes and generally less even terrain.

Other roundels

You will see signs for two other marked routes as you walk around. The London LOOP is a 150 mile path encircling London while the Bentley Priory Circular Walk is a 4.3 mile circular walk centred on Bentley Priory Nature Reserve but which also passes through Old Redding Nature Reserve, Stanmore Common and Stanmore Little Common. A leaflet about the circular walk can be downloaded here

If you are starting from the Old Redding viewpoint car park, take a moment to look at the dramatic views across west London including Harrow-on-the-Hill with St Mary's Church. On a clear day the North Downs and Surrey Hills are visible on the horizon. Then leave the car park by the western, "In" entrance and carefully cross the road. Post 1 is just inside the woodland. Read about post 1.

If you are by Gilbert's Lake then you'll want to start at post 4

If you have come by bus and have got off at the 'Sandringham' stop then you will probably want to start at post 15

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