Stanmore Country Park Nature Trail

Welcome to the Stanmore Country Park nature trail. The trail was designed by the Harrow Nature Conservation Forum. Hardware and installation were funded by Harrow Council's Green Grid project. The nature trail comprises two loops - a northern loop one kilometre long and an eastern loop 1.3 kilometres long. They can be walked independently, or combined into one trail.

If you are starting at the Dennis Lane car park, post 1 is a few metres away, at the start of the boardwalk by the pond.

If you are starting at Kerry Avenue, post 24 is a little way ahead up the main track.

QR codes on the posts will take you to the relevant text. Alternatively, follow the links below to the appropriate page.

We hope you enjoy the trail. Please send any comments, photographs, and notes about interesting species seen to

To description for post 1

To description for post 24

Click here to learn more about the Harrow Nature Conservation Forum including guided walks and conservation workdays.