HNCF logo Could you join a team to monitor and improve biodiversity in Harrow?
Insects on angelica

The severity of the ecological and climate crises means that all of Harrow needs to contribute to alleviating and improving the situation. During the COVID lockdowns many of us have become more aware of the importance of nature and how it can be nurtured, and lift our spirits, in even the smallest corners of a busy townscape.

At present Harrow Nature Conservation Forum volunteers manage the majority of Harrow’s wild open spaces and nature reserves. We are looking to recruit a new volunteer team that will concentrate on other aspects of biodiversity in Harrow, working under the umbrella of the Harrow Heritage Trust which will provide insurance cover and admin support. Provisionally we are calling this new group “Harrow Wildlife Action”.

It would be up to the new team to decide the details of this initiative but possible roles for the team include: This is a long list so the new team would have to decide on priorities and be big enough to share out roles among the members.

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