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Volunteer wardens needed at Bentley Priory
Summerhouse Lake

Bentley Priory is Harrow's most important nature reserve and our only biological Site of Special Scientific Interest. Peter Peretti has been its volunteer chief warden for over thirty years. Much of what you see there today was designed and created by him. Now that Peter is stepping back from day to day management of the site, we are looking to recruit a number of volunteer wardens as follows:

1. A deputy warden who, if all goes well, will take over from Peter as volunteer chief warden. The role requires significant time commitment, perhaps two days per week, and so might suit a recent retiree. Ecological experience is not necessary since there is a detailed management plan in place, but you must love nature, have a passion for wildlife and want to maintain and improve the site and focus on wildlife protection and conservation.

The volunteer chief warden works with a management committee which includes councillors, the council's biodiversity officer and a consultant ecologist. They are assisted by a team of keen volunteer assistant wardens.

2. One or more volunteer deputy wardens to assist the chief warden in managing the site. Their roles will include: Less time commitment is required, of the order of a full day every few weeks, so these roles might suit a younger person, perhaps a recent biology or ecology graduate who needs practical experience in site management although we would also welcome the recently retired.

Depending on the interests and skills of the volunteer you might concentrate on either practical conservation or public outreach aspects. See detailed job descriptions for
Volunteer Deputy Warden for Conservation
Volunteer Deputy Warden for Outreach

For more information and to discuss possibilities contact Steve Bolsover at or by phone at 020 8933 2823.

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