HNCF logo Volunteer wardens needed at Bentley Priory
The warden team needs extra members to monitor and maintain this lovely site
Summerhouse Lake

Bentley Priory is Harrow's most important nature reserve and our only biological Site of Special Scientific Interest. Over the next year, the “Making the Difference” project, which received £48,600 from the Mayor of London’s “Rewild London” scheme, will carry out works to improve the site for people and wildlife.

Decisions on management are made by a committee that includes professional ecologists, councillors, council officers and volunteer wardens. While big jobs such as mowing or digging ponds are carried out by contractors, volunteer wardens do the day to day work of maintaining and improving the site for people and wildlife. Roles include: We already have a team of dedicated wardens but they need help! For more information and to discuss possibilities email or phone 0779 483 7302.

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